26 April 2008

Went to see the Yarn Harlot but Mother Nature kept her North...

Waiting for the Yarn Harlot, and yes, I'm ready to graft the toe. No worries. I did it with I got home, and it's pretty perfect. :)

My friend, Jen, "kinneared" herself. So, I had to do me. This is me driving home from the event.

Needless to say, I had a good time. Hopefully, she'll come back and sign my books...

Knitting... cheaper than crack!

07 April 2008

HSKS4 Gift Arrived... Spoiled to the Hilt!

See the whole package! She rocks! A felted bag, sock yarn, pens, post-its, stitch markers, a note, two cool patterns in a funky folder and GLUTEN-FREE brownie mix!!!
See the pretty yarn?
And she made her first felted bag for ME!!! I love it!
Inside the cute book? Socks for a Slytherin and Snakes on Socks!!!

Look at the goodies.... Thank you so much! My adorable pal, Danielle aka Cliodna, spoiled me rotten. I really feel beyond spoiled!!!