11 November 2007

left over pictures from Ohio

Eric and I went to the Air Force Museum. Still very interesting.. Make sure you were shoes that fit.
I'm short.
GiGi in my cute buckled heels...
not the greatest angle
Mom and me at the VFW post...

Yarn purchases from yesterday... Chix with Stick ROCK!!!

Misti Alpaca (Isn't it pretty???)
Malabrigo Worsted
Jitterbug for my first pair of socks...
a finished project... This is my scarf for winter... I probably should have made it thicker and longer, but I think it's gorgeous!
Debbie Bliss on sale!!! And I got it in cream, too!
800 yards of Rayon Boucle (Bless you, Laura, for winding this!!!)
Blue Sky Alpaca
Blue Sky Alpaca
Blue Sky Alpaca

So, this is where I have been!!!

I went to Indy and hung out with an old friend. We went to the Indy Zoo and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to kiss the bricks... I'm quickly becoming a NASCAR fan. It's far more interesting than I originally thought.
While we were in Indy, I got my ears pierced for 2nd holes again. It's been a long time (since pre-Navy) that I had them.
When I came back though, my amazing pal sent this amazing package. Thank you so much. I truly have a pal who knows what I love. I got two gorgeous skeins of Cascade Heathers. An amazing amount of candles that I love love love. Some of my favorite candy in the world. Cute toys for the kitties and more... I really love the sock book and the needles. I signed up to take a sock class next month, and I can hardly wait. Thank you again, Pal. Sorry for the delay in posting. It's been crazy.
Then, last weekend, I had to leave suddenly the Thursday before for Dayton. We had gotten some bad family news. The good news is that I got to see my nieces as well as the rest of the fam and Eric. This is GiGi and me at Mom's. She is getting so big.
This is Madison. I can't believe she'll be 10 in a few weeks. She wants Moon Shoes for her birthday. I'm not sure what it is, but I guess I'll be looking that up in the next week. So, on Tuesday, I drove back. I was crazy behind at work. So, I sepnt 3 days trying to get caught up. Felt sick on Friday, but I pulled through. I spent yesterday shopping for yarn and knitting. Pictures to follow in the next post.

08 November 2007

Go fast! Knit left!

I have been missing in action. It has just been a rough and terrible yet fun and exciting past month. I promise that I have updates. It is just going to take me a little bit longer. Sorry, Guys.... Tomorrow, I promise.