03 May 2009

And that wasn't enough...

This is the sole tote full of yarn left to be put up. Sadly or maybe not, I don't have a spot for it just yet.
I got the itch to organize the spare bedroom into a craft room, and while it is still a hot mess, I made huge progress. All the blue drawers are full of yarn as well as the four cubbies you can see here. That's not all though. This is a 5 drawer organizer in the living room, and this below...

I found this nifty closet organizers for sweaters, and it holds yarn quite well.
What do ya think?

Shakin' Things Up....

under the covered bridge in Long Grove...
Eric came up to see me last weekend, and it was an awesome surprise. After he left, I was itchin' for something new, and I went and cut my hair.

Which now looks like this! I love it. I'm typically a girl that likes my hair like this, and I'm telling ya, it suits me so much better. :)

02 May 2009

the coolest swap package to date

I opened the box and squeeled. My very own owl.... I've named him George. He carried a very lovely note from Minerva Lovegood, and I had to force myself to read it before opening the box.

I have my very own, sparkly star lined bag. Isn't it stunning? Say hello to my new purse. I love it!!! Seriously? How freakin' cool! Plus, the strap is the perfect length for me! WOW!!!

Plus, the bag was full of all of this... chocolate - yum! Rosewood needles in 2's - my favorites and I don't have them! something that smells incredible - check! a coffee sleeve - needed it! Some incredibly gorgeous yarn - perfect!!!

And then, 2!!! patterns and a HP journal!!!

I was spoiled beyond belief! Thank you!!!