02 May 2009

the coolest swap package to date

I opened the box and squeeled. My very own owl.... I've named him George. He carried a very lovely note from Minerva Lovegood, and I had to force myself to read it before opening the box.

I have my very own, sparkly star lined bag. Isn't it stunning? Say hello to my new purse. I love it!!! Seriously? How freakin' cool! Plus, the strap is the perfect length for me! WOW!!!

Plus, the bag was full of all of this... chocolate - yum! Rosewood needles in 2's - my favorites and I don't have them! something that smells incredible - check! a coffee sleeve - needed it! Some incredibly gorgeous yarn - perfect!!!

And then, 2!!! patterns and a HP journal!!!

I was spoiled beyond belief! Thank you!!!


Hermione Bagnold said...

What a great kit!!! I'm glad you were so spoiled!

Selah said...

Oh I am so glad it arrived safely and you liked everything !! :D