24 April 2009

around the house

Last night, I was cooking 3 pounds of pasta, 6 pounds of chicken and a variety of vegetables for today's lunch. I invited the Shipping personnel to come down and eat with us. I think it'll be a nice way to thank both warehouses for how hard they have worked. While I was cooking, I thought I would go ahead and organize the yarn a bit. I was to use my pantry for food storage instead of yarn storage. Saturday, I am planning on moving all the craft stuff from the various places in the apartment to the spare bedroom. I emptied out the yarn in the pantry into FIVE 18 gallon totes full of yarn, and that is probably only 2/3 of it.
Dega and Indy trying to look cute and innocent, but I know the truth.
Lace, bulky and sock yarn that is wound...

Dream in Color, Tosh and Malabrigo...

Worsted and such...

Sock yarn!!!

More sock yarn!!!

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