04 December 2007

I'm making socks!!!!!

That is right, Crazies!!! I am making socks. I took Kelly's sock class at www.chixwithstixknitting.com. I picked out the Fruit something color in Jitterbug, but then, I saw the Sahara. So, I cast this on first. So, here it is. Isn't it pretty???

02 December 2007

Thank you, Melanie (Secret Pal 11)

My secret pal sent me the reveal package, and let's just say, I am very well spoiled. :)
This huge over 7 lb box came all the way from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
filled to the brim with goodnes...? CHECK
And these are the goodies. :) Melanie (http://web.mac.com/melanieostmo/) sent me a very cool pattern book, 6 skeins of wool in my favorite colors, warm animal print slipper socks, a hot cocoa cup and Candy Apple lotion and soap from B&BW. There was a lovely note, and truly, she outdid herself. I love it. Thank you so much!!!

If you wanna hear God laugh, tell him your planes.

When life is most chaotic is when I try to be far more organized. However, you know what they say about the best laid plans. For all who are curious, I am okay. Life is going pretty well, and I have no major news. Just really busy with work and going home to Ohio more often to visit the family. In case I haven't blogged it yet, Jeff and I broke up in early October (I think.). I now live in Evanston, and yes, we are still friends. We were just two really great people who weren't on the same track. I am going to post pictures and such of the past month and try to get you all caught up on my life.

Be prepared to be bored. ;)

Me at work eating candy cane sticks... Yummy!!!