24 April 2009

around the house

Last night, I was cooking 3 pounds of pasta, 6 pounds of chicken and a variety of vegetables for today's lunch. I invited the Shipping personnel to come down and eat with us. I think it'll be a nice way to thank both warehouses for how hard they have worked. While I was cooking, I thought I would go ahead and organize the yarn a bit. I was to use my pantry for food storage instead of yarn storage. Saturday, I am planning on moving all the craft stuff from the various places in the apartment to the spare bedroom. I emptied out the yarn in the pantry into FIVE 18 gallon totes full of yarn, and that is probably only 2/3 of it.
Dega and Indy trying to look cute and innocent, but I know the truth.
Lace, bulky and sock yarn that is wound...

Dream in Color, Tosh and Malabrigo...

Worsted and such...

Sock yarn!!!

More sock yarn!!!

22 April 2009

List your "Sunday" rituals.

  1. Sleep in and cuddle with puppies.
  2. KNIT!!!
  3. Watch NASCAR race while knitting.
  4. Clean house.
  5. Cook really yummy dinner.
  6. Knit!

21 April 2009

List all the activities you'd do if you weren't so afraid.

  1. Ride a bull
  2. Go rock climbing
  3. Get my belly button pierced

20 April 2009

List all the qualities you love about being human.

Wow! What an interesting first list. Having never thought about this, this will definitely be from the seat of my pants...

1. The ability to French kiss my boyfriend
2. Sex for fun
3. Knitting
4. Being able to learn more than one language
5. NASCAR races
6. Watching Maddie play softball
7. Long, challenging conversations
8. Riding the bike

List Your Self

So, I bought a new book, and I'm going to use it for blogging. It says that it is "a provacative, probing, and personal expedition into your mind, heart, and soul".

We shall see what y'all think!

18 April 2009

Quidditch Round 3

Final Round! Soar Ravenclaws!!!

1. This “Harry Potter” character’s first name comes from Roman mythology. The mythological character’s twin brother is named Romulus. What is the Harry Potter character last name?
b. Lupin

2. Which “Harry Potter” character’s first name is the Roman equivalent of the Greed Goddess Athena?
c. McGonagall

3. In ‘Harry Potter’ World, this wizard has created the Philosopher’s Stone (called the Sorcerer Stone in the US). The historical figure from the 14th and 15th centuries was a scribe and a manuscript-seller who became famous as an alchemist. Who is this individual?
Nicholas Flamel

4. What is the first name of a character whose last name is the name of a Bulgarian leader from early 9th century who doubled the country’s territory?
c. Viktor

5. Which character’s name is the name of goddess in Indian mythology?
b. Patil

6. “Where the Wild Things Are” tells the story of Max, a young boy sent to bed without his supper for his wild antics. Who created this winner of the Caldecott Medal?
a. Maurice Sendak

7. What was NOT one of the unexpected defense mechanisms that Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Griphook encountered in their attempt to rob Gringotts?
d. The Geminio Curse

8. What was Snape aiming at when he cut off George’s ear?
c. Another Death Eater’s wand hand

9. How much older than James was Lily? (Referring to Harry’s parents, not children).
d. 2 months

10. Food is one of the five exceptions to what magical law?
b. Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration

14 April 2009

Trying something new...

Eric and I were supposed to go to Charlotte next month on vacation for the NASCAR Coca Cola 600, but it looks like we'll be going to VA Beach instead. I'm terribly excited and sad at the same time, but it'll be nice to vacation just me and him. Plus, I get to see a bunch of my old friends. I can hardly wait. As soon as I have more details, I will post them.

Oh, and I'm joining Weight Watchers today. A couple of my friends have had great luck with that, and I think that it will help me as well. :) Tonight, I'm going to go to my first meeting.

Overall, life is good. Just busy.

13 April 2009

nice weekend....

I had a great weekend, and even better, I got flowers at work today.

Such a nice feeling...

07 April 2009

It's getting better!

Well, I woke up this morning tired. I had a final on Sunday, and with all of the other drama in my life, I have just been wore out. I have been refocusing on enjoying my life, and it looks like it is going to be much better. I have always been the prim and proper girl about manners and what people would say. As I said the other day, that's over! I have to say that it is so far, so good. We hit a bump in the road yesterday with someone, but that was quickly squashed. I wasn't kiddidng. Eric and I have worked way too hard to get where we are to let someone take that from us.

So, after work today, I'm going to go home and catch up on house stuff. I am working fast and furious on a baby blanket for Eric's cousin. Since I'm going home this weekend, I need to make sure that it is done. I'm 1/4 of the way there, and I started it on Saturday night. Plus, the new episode of NCIS is on tonight. :joy:

I did mail off my HSKS swap kit, and my pal liked it. So happy about that. :)

A new class for school started. I'm only taking one this time since it's algebra, and that always kicks my ass. So, I'm hoping for that to go well. Other than that, I'm a boring girl!

05 April 2009

Taking Back my Life!

I have let far too many things and people upset me over the past couple months. I have given control of how I feel over to people who aren't worth my time, and frankly, I'm tired. I guess I can't really blame anyone other than myself for letting it get this bad. Well, it's over! I'm done with people using Eric and I, being mean to people I care about or just being horrible people in general. Seriously done!

Now, I'm going to focus on me and Eric and what is good for us. I'm done being nice and polite because it is the right thing to do, and for the psycho c u next Tuesday who trying to bring drama to our lives, you are in for one Hell of a fight. Grow up and get a life. You can't have mine.