28 December 2008

Back from Ohio

For the knitters in my life, I got an amazing set of Addi Clicks! I haven't fully played with them yet, but I imagine that I won't be touching my Options much anymore.

This is a Brighton necklace and charms that Eric got my for my birthday. I truly love it! He picked it out himself, and it really means a lot to me cause he hates to shop!

Here is my Pandora bracelet that Eric got me for Christmas. It's perfect, and I'm excited to see what charms he picks out next.

Eric and I at Blind Bob's in the Oregon District for my birthday with some family. There was even gluten-free cake!

See! Gluten-Free Cake! It was actually really good.

Eric and I on Christmas Day. I miss him already. Five days with him was perfect, and while I get to go back to Ohio on the 6th, it just seems so far away.

20 December 2008

Happy Birthday! Merry Christmas! from Jessica!

Jess sent me this amazing box for my birthday (December 22nd) and Christmas. Can I just say wow!!!

This card made me giggle and cringe.

a nail file with yarn on it!!!

Skein 1 of sock yarn!!! Isn't it gorgeous?

Skein 2!!! Freakin' stunning!
This is skein 3, and can't we say WOW???

Finally, skein 4! Meet Lola also from Schaefer.
Thank you, Jess! I lover you!!!

17 December 2008


No net at home... The moving is done. Just unpacking left... Comcast can't come out until Saturday. I can't stay on this long. So, I leave you with pictures. Please let me know which is your favorite. I want to blow it up for Mom for Christmas.

08 December 2008

Puppy Photos

Not the greatest picture, but I don't live with humans who can help me out.
sitting on my lap looking over her shoulder...

Mom, why does he keep licking me?

I want another treat!!!

Indy in clothes with ID tags... She's so confused.

Mom, she's still here???

I'm sitting on Dega's bed.

07 December 2008

Busy Weekend

I stayed up pretty late Friday night working on packing. I get the keys to the new apartment next Friday, and I'm so excited about getting to move into the new place. With a new places comes great things. For example, there's always the purging of stuff you shouldn't take with you to the new place. Plus, there's a washer and dryer in the apartment. Oh, and there is a 2nd bedroom. So, friends, please come visit.

I got to go to Lorna's Laces Saturday. I got to see some old friends, and I scored an amazing deal on yarn. I'm a big fan of Lorna's Laces' yarn, and it was such a joy and totally worth the stress of getting all the way there. I came home and picked up a bit. Lisa came over with munchies and her boys, and we chilled for a bit. I love seeing her. So, then, Dega and I took a huge nap. I woke up and did my homework. I finished a sock that I have been working on. I currently have two socks on the needles, and I'm hoping to have them both finished by the end of the year.

The big announcement? With a new apartment with more space and Dega mostly trained, we are getting a new puppy. I am picking her up in about 10 hours. So, check back soon... I'm off to bed.

01 December 2008

Back from Ohio...

I'm exhausted. Driving hom yesterday sucked, and it took so long that I didn't get home until 5am today! I'm wore out and very sleepy. I get off work in about 6 plus hours, and I think I'm going straight to bed when I get there.

I didn't take a lot of pictures of the trip home. Lots happened, but the main thing is that I think I love Eric now more than ever. Ever time I think he couldn't be any more perfect for me, he surprises me.

Now, to the people who want to know if I got the tattoo...
This is on my left wrist... I took this right after I first had it done on Saturday.

This was taken yesterday. Not the greatest pictures, but the words show up. So, you get the idea.
I absolutely love it, and I am pleasantly surprised how much it really helped me close a door.