28 December 2008

Back from Ohio

For the knitters in my life, I got an amazing set of Addi Clicks! I haven't fully played with them yet, but I imagine that I won't be touching my Options much anymore.

This is a Brighton necklace and charms that Eric got my for my birthday. I truly love it! He picked it out himself, and it really means a lot to me cause he hates to shop!

Here is my Pandora bracelet that Eric got me for Christmas. It's perfect, and I'm excited to see what charms he picks out next.

Eric and I at Blind Bob's in the Oregon District for my birthday with some family. There was even gluten-free cake!

See! Gluten-Free Cake! It was actually really good.

Eric and I on Christmas Day. I miss him already. Five days with him was perfect, and while I get to go back to Ohio on the 6th, it just seems so far away.

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Lia said...

Nice gifties!!! That bracelet is gorgeous, and I love the Clicks! Must have, definitely!

You and Eric look so cute together!