25 October 2008

Still here...

Dega and I at Stiches in August... Got to meet the Malabrigo peeps and got yummy sock yarn, too. Yes, I'm still knitting. It is a full on addiction now with the collecting of yarn. I am running out of space, and I am currently trying to knit more than I buy. Ha!
Still in love with Eric... the 12 of October was a year! How freakin' nuts is that? I adore him though, and I'm very lucky to have him in my life. Now, if I could just convince him that living in NW Indiana is the place to be...

Earlier this month, Melissa (friend from work) and I went to the NKOTB concert. It was AMAZING!!! I haven't had that much fun in a long time, and I couldn't speak for the rest of the weekend. The only downer? I dropped my BB in the toilet. Luckily, it still works.

Finally, here's Dega. He's sweeter than ever, and he is growing into his puppy personality more and more. He is definitely more chill now, and it's funny how he likes to be near me. Like now, he's under the chair as I type this. Earlier when I was doing laundry, he was laying on my feet. Too cute!!!
I am going to be better about blogging. This was just a picture update for now. I have math homework to do!

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