07 March 2009

I'm tired.

I'm tired... worn out... exhausted... beat up... sleepy... TIRED!!!! I don't want to be social. I don't want to knit. I don't want to do my homework, go to work, walk my dog, clean my house, finish unpacking! I don't want to do anything except curl up in bed, take an Ambien and sleep until I wake up all by myself. That isn't a possibility. Let me know the joyful weekend I have ahead...

8am to 4:30pm - I'm at work.
4:45pm - fake and bake
5pm - drive home
5:45pm - walk dogs
6pm - take shower
6:30pm - drive to Mariola's (She is a good friend that I have practically disappeared on while deep in my own mess. I have to go see her.
9pm - drive home
10pm - walk dogs

I want to pretend that at this point I will make some attempt to start cleaning the house, but I'm sure I won't.

On Sunday...
I want to get up by 9am. We'll see.
9am - walk dogs
9:30am - clean house (walk dogs as needed)
12:30pm - leave for gym
1pm - let Angie kick my ass at the gym
2:30pm - drive home
3pm - walk dogs
3:30pm - take shower
4pm - hopefully, finish cleaning house

Plus, I need to eat sensibly in the middle of all that.

I'm failing my math class. It's not a great start to 2009. I hope Spring brings a saner me.

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