25 January 2009

NutriSystem is controlling me for now!

Sorry I have been MIA. Really, aren't you used to it? I'm going to try to be better AGAIN, but with work, school, 2 dogs, a diet and a long distance boyfriend, what do you expect? lol

On that note, here is your super quick and dirty update...

Work is the same. I worked 6 days this week. I'm beat.

School? Well, tomorrow is the end of week 8 out of 9 weeks. So, next week will be rough since it's finals. New classes start the very following week, but week 1 is pretty chill. At this rate, I'll have my associates the first week of August. WooHoo!

Puppies? Dega and Indy are fine. They are both sleeping at my feet now. All they have lined up tomorrow is grooming. They are OVERDUE. So, it'll be nice to not to have to stay home with them. They'll be so cute and have to go out.

The diet? Well, I started NutriSystem. I get on the scale when I go see the boy, but I started at 208. Isn't that nuts? Food is decent, and I think it will work. I guess you will get to see.

The boy? Could I love him any more? Nope. He's perfect for me, and we are just busy planning a Daytona 500 party and our vacation in May.

That's it for now.

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Hermione Bagnold said...

LOL I know the feeling of being MIA in the blogosphere! My two kiddos keep me hopping! Congratulations on school winding down! And such perfect timing! You'll have a chanve to focus on your spoilee! ;)