27 July 2009

Day 2 of 149

Day 2 of 149 - A friend of mine told me that I was crazy for already counting, but it makes it easier on me to control the whining and know that I have to be in Texas with a house pretty much set up before we actually make it to day 149. I was looking at how long it would be for other times I will actually get to see him.

On day 40 of 149, I will leave Chicagoland to drive him the car and fly back. Oh, since I am, if any other significant others on the way wants to ride down with me, I'm okay with splitting hotels and gas money. :) I'm just going to fly back.

On day 88 of 149, he graduates, and I wouldn't miss that for the world.

On day 122 of 149, I will fly down to spend Thanksgiving weekend with him.

On day 131, I will probably be driving down to Uvalde for good. :)

When I break it down like that, I realize how little time I actually have. It makes it a little easier to know that I won't have to wait 5 months to actually see him again.

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