08 July 2008

HSKS5 Kit from Emma Kettleburn - AMAZING!!!

Look how spoiled I am! A great handkit bag in my favorite colors, Navy Blue and Hot Pink, puppy face magnetic page markers, Size 2 Harmony DPNs, Harmony Cable Needles, a row counter bracelet (I love these!), 8 stitch markers, a sock pattern, a Kooky Klicker pen, People Crackers for Dega, a hot dog toy for Dega, a puppy pack of toys for Dega, Andes mints (my fave) that didn't last 5 minutes, Lindt chocolate, a lovely note, a HP Timeturner Sticker kit and not 1, not 2 BUT 3 skeins of yarn! Yum! Thank you, Emma K! You truly amazed me.
Dega loves the People Crackers. That was the coolest idea!
Truly spoiled!

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Quality Chick said...

I am so glad you liked it! I couldn't resist the people cookies! I hope I made you smile a bit. I know I had so much fun putting it together. Enjoy it! - Emma K