12 September 2007

My Secret Pal is the greatest!!! The best... Yes, I'm blessed!

I came home beat. Just plain whooped... Picked up the mail and walked in. I saw that orangey little card from the postman and ran back out to the door. My post office closes at 7pm, and it was only 5:30pm. I flew there rush hour traffic and all, and I picked up 2 packages. Lucily, the first one was there because I had to restrain from opening the pal one. I need to photograph the package as it came so the shredded after photo wouldn't freak my pal out thinking the mail system wasn't great. So, please enjoy the barrage of photos with cute side notes...

I wanted to open it right away, but it insisting on napping... I patiently awaited it's calling to be freed from it's postal container. Travel is hard though, and the yarn needed it's rest.

Finally, I heard the box stir. Oh, I can barely contain myself. Sadly, the yarn inside told me of it's hunger for Taco Bell. So, I sat patiently while they nourished themselves. Who would have thought that the yarn would enjoy Mountain Dew? I love it. My pal must have picked the perfect fiber for me.

I, at last, was given permission to open the box. I sat the items fresh out of the box for the first photo op. The yarn is inside this AMAZING ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS AND PERFECT BAG FOR ME ALL ME (MY PRECIOUS) bag preparing for our first touch. I imagine she's a bit shy.

My mama raised me right, and yes, I read the card first. :) I love this style though. My mama is always sending me these, and they are my FAVORITE!!!

Tink and Pepper were quite surprised to see that there were presents for them as well. Tink quickly claimed the blue one, and Pepper ran off with the pink. They are still playing with them.

My pal bought me Junior Mints, which I love. I was very tempted to stop there, but the yarn hadn't emerged yet. So, I was strong. I sat the box down.

HOW FREAKING PERFECT ARE THESE COLORS????? I thought for the first five minutes I had it out... What would I make? Gloves? A hat??? I know, a scarf! It feels amazing, and I don't own a warm scarf for me. So, for now, that is the plan. We'll see. The yarn might change her mind.

Midnight Pomegranate is my current favorit Bath and Body Works scent. I love it, and here is the bag again. How freakin' cool is it??? I love it, Pal!!!

Oh, and Pal!!! I love love love buttons. I have a bunch, and they are on my Beatles knitting bag. This rocks!

Finally, there was this gorgeous smelling soap and lip gloss. Shhh... I have a lip gloss. I have a ton of it, and I immediately put this on. I'm officially spoiled. Thank you, Secret Pal.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you liked it! :)

krisknit79 said...

I love your picture stories--they're too cute!