03 September 2007

Wannabe Yarnstar

Long weekends are my favorite. I love how you realize that there is an extra day where you can do absolutely anything you want. So, Saturday, Jeff decided that I should be a YarnStar!!! :) How cute is this headband? Jeff and I went to downtown Highland Park to walk around. (Have I mentioned how much I love just walking around?) Cute little stores with their neat things for sell... We stumbled upon a tee shirt deli. You can have anything made up. There was a headband with "Rockstar" on it. He asked to change it, and lucky me, I have a headband that not only fits, but it rocks!!!!

After running around all day, we went home. We were meeting Bill and Stacy, his new girlfriend, for dinner in Long Grove. It's another small historical city that has amazing stores. There is also a great yarn store there, "I'd Rather Be Knitting". Since I still had my headband on, I posed with the kitties. Here is Tink and me. As you can tell, he's a YarnStar, too. He is the more vocal of the two. Tink is out for world domination. He just has to figure out how to get Jeff to do his bidding, and then, he'll be golden. He already has Jeff wrapped around his paws. He is just adorable and spunky. Well, we can't resist him. He gets all he wants from us. While they are both just under 4 months, it's easy to see that Tink is the ring leader, but I imagine if Pepper grows into the size he should that might just change one day. I know that it is normal for cats to establish dominance before the fights stop, but I wonder how that works out if they are both from the same litter.

Pepper is more laid back chill than Tink. He is just happy that I pick him up and cuddle with him. When Jeff and I picked up the kitties, I originally picked Tink and Jeff picked Pepper. As you can tell, cats pick their owns. Tink is close to both of us, but Pepper prefers me. I'm sure the love us both, but that'w where we currently stand.

So, we hung out at home and then, rushed to get ready. Long Grove isn't far away, and it didn't take long to get there. Bill and Stacy were already there with Karly, Stacy's daughter. We ate an amazing dinner and ended up at The Putting Edge for a game of black light mini golf. For the record, I won!!!! :) Maybe I am a YarnStar. :)

I did have a few glasses of wine, and Jeff snapped this picture of me for evidence I imagine. You can see that the wine was flowing that night.
To finish off the update, this is where I currently stand with knitting...

I now have 3 WiPs going on. Jeff's Gloves, Candy's Big Bad Baby Blanket and Fetching for when the baby blanket numbs my brain...


Robin said...

I LOVE the pic of you and Tink - you guys definitely are YarnStars!! How cute!

Midnight Purls said...

That's such a cute pic of you & Tink. He looks so much like my Starbuck!

Black Purl said...

Tia -

That picture of you and Tink!! Tink, heh heh. No non-knitter will ever get that will they? And don't worry about the dominance thing. It will work itself out. We had litter mates when we lived in the States and they totally worked it out. And it's not about size!! Our smaller cat was definitely in charge... Thanks for the comment on the blog. You must show me your Fetching someday. I started the pattern once and it gave me a migraine. ; ]