15 June 2008

New hair and silly things of that sort...

Eric and I when he drove up to take care of me after my surgery last weekend. He was completely adorable and a doll. I am one lucky girl.
Shots of the new hair... I highlighted it blonde again. I really like it, and I think every time I go back, I'm going to have her go brighter and more blonde. The bottom shot is of Dega and I right before I went to bed. He looks so scruffy that it is definitely time for a bath.
When I first moved to IN, I put all of my knitting projects in progress in this box for easy moving. Apparently, Dega wanted to check it all out.
The second the camera flashed, he sat down like this. I take it as, "Mom, I wasn't going to eat your yarn."
I am now just using bandaids now to cover the stitches. This is Dega's place to lay and watch me. He often does that head tilt when I am holding the camera. Kinda like, "Mom, what are you doing?"
Dega and I at Chix with Stix in Forest Park... He went to get a bath yesterday, and then, we made the trek out there. I was actually headed further north, but traffic wouldn't let me be there in time. So, we stopped here. Kelly loves to play with him.

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