03 June 2008

Yeah, yeah, yeah! REad this!

1) What I Was Doing 10 Years Ago
I was 19 and working as a manager at McDonald's and trying to go to college.

2) 5 Things on My To-Do List for Today
Well, today's almost over... So, I'll give you tomorrow's.
Throw away boxes.
Walk Dega.
Hang up my clothes.
Knit my Grapevine sock.
Go to work.

3) Snacks I Enjoy
Cottage Cheese
Kettle Chips

4) Things I Would Do If I Were a Billionaire
Pay off any and all bills of mine, my mom's and my brothers.
Give to charity.
Help Jen (knitlikecrazy) start her business so I can be have free yarn for life.

5) Places I Have Lived
Honolulu, Hawaii
Houston, Texas
Dayton, Ohio
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Great Lakes, Illinois
Meridan, Mississippi
Sigonella, Sicily
The USS Harry S. Truman
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Middletown, Ohio
Skokie, Illinois
Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Evanston, Illinois
Merrillville, IN

6) 5 Peeps I Wanna Know More About
anyone who reads this... But post a comment and let me know so I can read it.


Quality Chick said...

I posted mine!
Love your list of places you have lived. Must have been the navy.
-Emma Kettleburn

Anonymous said...

what an adorable puppy you have!!!

elanor C

Anonymous said...

You lived in Sicily? My dad was bonr in Sicliy! (the muggle one, not the auror one.)

Agatha Ackerly said...

Hi roomie! I too posted a meme on my blog, feel free to have a look-see. Hope your knee is feeling better!