23 November 2008

Insomnia sucks!

I can't sleep. This is like the 4th day in a row. I have Ambien to help with this, but I am trying to not take it all the time. Sleep shouldn't be this hard to come by. I wish I could just turn my brain off light I do the lights in my house. :flick:

I have nothing exciting to report. My new semester of school started, and while the classes are only 9 weeks long, they are starting to get to me. I haven't taken any time off between them, but I think next time I might wait at least a week. They are going fine so far though.

Knitting is going well. I am on a self proclaimed yarn diet. I know that they rarely work ,and it's not that I want to get rid of a certain number. I just want it to stop being so overwhelming. I worked on the Sampler Afghan today. I'm only 30 rows into the first block, but it is my forever project. So, I will survive. I also worked on my Praire Kimono and Double Cable Scarf (for a girl at work).

Dega had a vet appointment today, and all is well. He's going to have his neutering surgery after Christmas, and I'm pretty sure he knows. He is always so tired after going to the vet, and I feel so bad for him. He's all curled up in his cage. Which he uses all the time now that I took his bedding out of it. How weird is that?

That's about it for now. I'm going to put on a boring movie and pray for sleep.

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