25 November 2008

to TATTOO or not to TATTOO...

Okay... For those of you who don't know, my dad was murdered in 2000. I struggle with that every year all year long. While I believe that it has made me a stronger person overall, I feel the need to do something to achieve some peace. I thought about doing this a couple of years ago, and I wanted to tattoo the day he died on my wrist. A lot of people told me how morbid it was. So, I did some thinking over the past few years, and I have decided to tattoo some of his handwriting on me. I'm still debating on the wrist or under the current tattoo, but it is true. This Saturday I'll sit down in a chair and let someone tattoo his last written words to me on my body.

Here's to hoping my mom doesn't kill me.

1 comment:

Lavender A said...

i'm so sorry tia! for what it's worth, i like the idea of getting the last words he wrote to you as a tattoo more than the date he was killed... the focus being on his life and not when/how he was taken away from you.