04 August 2007

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Sunday, July 29, 2007
the poncho is done... Ta Dah!!!! Current mood: sick
I finished it!!!! Yeah!!!!
Here it is!!!

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Saturday, July 28, 2007
WIP or UFO??? Current mood: creative
So, I spent most of the day knitting. Not naked though...

A friend of mine called and we chatted for a bit. Of course, knitting came up. I told her that I actually worked on 3 different projects today. She got around to ask me what the difference was between a WIP and a UFO. So, I explained.
WIP - work in project - something you are currently knitting in hopes of finishing and loving it...
UFO - unfinished object - something you haven't finished and obviously aren't thinking about finishing...
My current tally is 4 WIP and 1 UFO...
Let's start with the WIP since the UFO is over a year old and I carry it around in my knit back with no intention of knitting it.
What? white cotton cigar gloves for Jeff
Why? He doesn't smoke, but he's a graphic designer. They'll prevent getting oil on his prints, and since they are white, he'll know when to change them if he sees dirt.
Last worked on? Today.
Status? I am almost done with the first glove. I'm stuck on the finger part.

What? A super cute poncho for me.
Why? I have always wanted one, and several failed attempts, I might finish this one this weekend. It's gauzy enough to wear on chilly summer nights, I hope.
Last worked on? Today.
Status? 20 rows shy of done with the knitting. Then, the finishing.

What? The Stash Bag
Why? I needed to burn up some yarn that is in my stash. Plus, it was a reason to buy some yarn I needed to coordinate.
Last worked on? Today.
Status? Just started this week and going super great.

What? Fetching gloves for me in a great colorway bamboo yarn.
Why? I'm addicted to the Fetching pattern.
Last Worked On? earlier this week
Status? It's on my desk at work. I keep forgetting to throw it in my bag. I'm just on the wrist of glove 1. I might frog it and start on a new pattern.
and finally...
the UFO!
I have black craft wire and teal beads to make napkin rings for the mom. So far, I have one done. I started it about 14 months. I'm supposed to make 6. So, five more to go. Maybe she'll get them for Christmas this year. MAYBE!!!!
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Friday, July 20, 2007
broken hearts... Current mood: crushed
I'm sitting here on the futon watching GAC. Sound fun? Ha! I should be reading HP, but this year I ordered from Amazon. So, later on I will be... So, why am I up? broken hearted... Well, maybe not broken but surely slightly bent. It always amazes me at what makes me cry. I'm not overly emotional, and I don't cry a lot. I can't fake it to save my life. Well, I was all curled up in bed tonight when Jeff told me to get out of his bed. I was floored. Just floored. After I did from shock when he screamed it the second time, he laid back down, and I burst into tears. What the fuck??? Seriously??? Seriously!!! Well, after crying for a bit, he woke up and asked me why I wasn't in bed and what was wrong. I could kill him. He asked me to come to bed. Still could... Like it's not supposed to hurt. Don't get me wrong. It's not like this happens all the time. Never. Never ever ever never!!! So, how do you respond to that? I want to pour ice water on his sleeping ass!
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Monday, July 16, 2007
knitting dreams Current mood: content
You know what I do love?
Ponchos, you say!!! Yep, ponchos!!!! :)
What a perfect addition to the wardrobe. You can wear it all year long depending on how you make it. Tank top and jeans, no prob. Keep it around for the trip to the office or the grocery store. Turtleneck and slacks, through it over the top to make ya extra warm.
Wanna know what the problem is? I don't own one. I have tried to make one. A copy times... I have the perfect yarn for it. I just haven't found a pattern that really speaks to me and the yarn I have. I really want to knit it on circulars. I have this perfect varigated yarn and a great pattern. I haven't broken down and bought the size 17 Addi's that the Stitch 'n Bitch Nation calls for. I should buy them, but I keep buying new yarn for other projects that I only give away. I want to be selfish. I want to make myself everything for a while. No one appreciates what I make them anyways... Well, my mom... She loves everything I do. :) The other yarn I have is red and gorgeous. It's the Berroco Glace. It's fabulous. I have needles for it. I love love love it. What's the problemo? I don't have a pattern for it. I tried to use the Yarn Harlot's poncho pattern. I even finished it, and guess what??? It was too small. I frogged the entire thing, put it in the yarn bag from my last purchase and put it away. The yarn has been bad. It needs a serious time out.
So, there ya go! Now you know my dirty yarn secret.
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my Friday the 13th... Figures!!! Current mood: frustrated
I had the perfect Friday last week. Work went well. The customers even acted like real people. I talked to a few friends. I made plans to go see a friend cause Jeff was helping Bill move. I had fun plans for the entire weekend. All in all, it was great. Well, until around 5pm... See, at 4, my boss told me to go ahead and leave early if I wanted. I was gone. ;) On my way home, I was jamming to my JT cd, and BAM!!! I got rear-ended by a lady fresh off the boat in a Outback who barely spoke English. She just kept saying I have insurance. It's okay.
WTF!!! No, it's not okay. You just hit me so hard that I hit the guy in front of me and so on... Why would you think it was okay? No, it's shitty.
Ugh!!! On a good note, she does have insurance. I am okay. Just a sprained neck. My back is sore, but I'm okay.
I'm staying home next Friday the 13th!
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Stitch 'n Pitch
So, there is a Stitch 'n Pitch in Chicago this year!!! True, it's at the White Sox stadium, but knitting and baseball go great together. Sox vs. Mariners. August 11th. Tickets are $20 a pop and they include food.
I am so excited about going. I would always rather see the Reds play, but I do love a good game of baseball. I hear that you have to buy your tickets via mail or fax by the 20th. So, if you are going to be in the area, you should go. I hear it's always a good time.
See ya there!
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Friday, July 06, 2007
Okay... I'm a dork! Current mood: dorky
So, most of you who know me in any kind of real sense know that I developed an addiction to yarn and pointy needles... Sometimes even I can admit my level of dorkiness, but rather than pester Jeff with my need for wooly things all the time, I have decided that you all should share in his pain... oops, I meant joy. ;) Expect pictures soon!!!

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Knitting is fun!!! Current mood: cheerful
So, I have organized a Yarn Hop tomorrow. Just wanted to pop in and say whoever wants to come, message me.

I can't wait!!!
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Sunday, June 24, 2007
moved in... I should unpack. Current mood: hopeful Category: Blogging
Yeah... I moved! Done for the most part. The elevator was down at the condo in the city when I went to get my stuff yesterday. Luckily, some guys were moving in, and they helped us get my bed downstais. So, besides my stuff and misc. junk, all that is left is my TV that must weigh a ton, dining room chairs, desk and my nightstand. So, we are just going to make daily trips until Saturday. I have to be done on Saturday. That's the last day of June. Well, during the move, we broke the boxspring. Go figure with my luck. Anyways... Jeff is going to buy a new one tomorrow. I couldn't get my couch in the patio door. So, we are just going to buy a futon mattress that is amazing in case a friend has to spend a drunk night or one of you fab people come to check out the big city with me. :)
I have to go. I have to unpack. I have to find something to wear to work. So, there ya go!
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Saturday, June 23, 2007
response to Tom Current mood: amused
You have your parents, Tom. They have always been there. No one has taken them. Just because I am good to them and we are friends doesn't mean you need to feel threatened.
And are you that horrible? If you need to ask, the problem is far deeper than you think.
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