12 August 2007

The weekend goes far too fast.

Friday night ended up with Jeff and I sitting on the couch. I was knitting my stash bag. I'm almost to the handles, and to be honest, I'm ready for the knitting to be done. Jeff was reading a book. After a while, I put it down to work on the house. You can only ignore the laundry for so long.
I slept in on Saturday was off visiting some family he hasn't been to see for a while. I got up and went scrapbooking all day long. Yup, all day... I got there at noonish and left around 1a.m., but I got a lot done. Now, I only have December 2006 to current to scrapbook on top of my wedding pictures from my previous marriage and pictures from my hashing days in Sicily. Both of those sets are probably going to be hard to scrapbook. The hashing (not the drug) was probably the best days of my life, and my marriage ended up in divorce, so that's hard because I harbor hate feelings. So, until I let go of that, I want to hold off from putting the pictures in albums....
Anyways... Now, it's Sunday. We have slept in, and we have a family picnic to go to and errands on top of that. I am going to take knitting with me. Not the stash bag because it's mostly wool, and apparently, we are going to melt from the heat wave. So, I think I'll bring some bamboo for more fetching gloves. That way, I can knit and not contribute to the heat factor.
So, it's off to get ready for the day. Shower, clothes, picking out the yarn and then, we are off!

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