25 August 2007

Trip to Downtown Chicago

Jeff and I took the kitties, Tink and Pepper, downtown to get neutered. The Anti-Cruelty Society does it for $10, and we didn't want to pass that up. They mean the world to us, and we want them to have happy kitty lives. So, since we had to drop them off early and pick them up late, we decided to "do" Chicago. I'm a photo bug. So, I have all the evidence of fun. This is also the big storm day here in Illinois, but luckily, that is only how we ended the day. We started at The Hershey Store. Yummy!!!

You can thank Jeff for this fabulous picture, but yes, it is delicious. I picked green icing, but I was torn between that and the pink. Jeff got the Reeses Peanut Butter one with chocolate milk. Talk about overload. It was so hot though. So, the walk from the train station to this place seemed to last forever. I enjoyed the break from the heat, and it's a cute and clean store.

The picture below I took on our way to Navy Pier. Talk about tall!

Jeff then finds a mail box that he thinks he should have installed on our patio. I convince him to leave it where we found it. I think he was so sad to leave his little friend that when we left the pier I posed with R2 for him to have for the memories... ;)

While we were on the pier though, the rain came. We hung out on the inside for the most part, but I really wanted to pose with the anchor again. It was barely raining. So, we took advantage of the pre-storm to snap some pics of me. This one is my favorite.

I look worn out, but I still love this pic!

We finally caught the bus to go get the babies. They had a stressful trip home. It was pouring when we picked them up, and we spent four hours trying to get home. All 4 of us soaked but happy to be home. They have recouped well from the robbing of their manhood, and Jeff and I are happy they are in good health.

Now, on to the knitting!!! Type at ya later!

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