04 November 2009

21 days...

I'm on a number of days theme it seems. It just hit me that in 21 days, I'll be almost done with my last day of working at Nufarm Americas. It's been interesting here, but I'm really excited about starting the rest of my life. Plus, Chicago is only four hours away from Cincinnati. I can come back and visit the people I left behind and my friends. :)

The next three weeks are going to be nuts. I am working, and I'm still in school. The dogs still need to be walked, and there's the two bedroom home to pack. Plus, there is Christmas shopping to work on. Hectic is good though. It'll help time fly by.

In 21 days, I'll be packing up the last bit of stuff I had to keep at work with me, my picture frames from my desk and my Amp monkey. I will get in my car and drive to the house one last time to get Dega and Indy and any mail that might still be trickling in. Then, I'll drive four hours to my new home and start the rest of my life.

Just 21 more days to go...

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