05 November 2009

9 days

Why stop a good thing when it has me writing, right? ;) 9 days...

In 9 days, Eric will driving back to Ohio with all of our stuff. He's leaving me with the air mattress, a week of clothes and the dogs. His dad is being a sweetheart and driving up with the trailer and van. So, with our truck, there should be plenty of room for all of our stuff. It'll be weird living in an empty house, but I'm excited. It'll bring us one step closer to actually living in Ohio. After he leaves, I will follow him 11 days later. So, it is getting very real, very fast. I'm so excited.

Other than that, I'm actually getting some knitting done. I'm going to work on organizing the yarn for packing, and I am hoping to get new pictures of all my WiPs. I'm hoping to have a finished pair of hot pink socks by this weekend. :)


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Do post pictures of your finished knitted items!

Tanya said...

There will be pics. I'm excited about getting to knit more.